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Tess Tulip Girl 🌷


Introducing Tess Tulip, the enchanting 11-inch doll with a hand-embroidered face, crafted from luxurious peach silk fabric. Tess embodies the colors and spirit of a blooming peach and pink tulip. Her outfit is a masterpiece of hand-sewn craftsmanship, mirroring the delicate petals of a tulip flower. Tess is adorned in shades of peach and pink, reflecting the vibrant hues of her floral inspiration. Her attire is not only beautiful but also intricately designed to evoke the graceful elegance of a tulip in full bloom. With her charming presence and meticulously crafted ensemble, Tess Tulip is truly a sight to behold—ready to brighten any space like a radiant spring blossom.

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