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Demi Daffodil


Demi Daffodil is a cheerful and optimistic doll. She loves spreading joy and kindness, always ready for imaginative play and adventures. With a hint of curiosity, she embraces new friendships and enjoys the magic of make-believe worlds. Dressed in a delicate white ribbon dress, Demi Daffodil looks like an enchanting vision. The simplicity of her attire adds to her timeless charm, creating a classic and elegant appearance. Demi Daffodil's body is crafted with a combination of soft cotton and a warm peach-colored wool, ensuring both comfort and a touch of coziness. The choice of materials adds to the overall warmth and charm of her appearance. Demi Daffodil's face and hair are meticulously hand-embroidered, giving her a unique and lovingly crafted expression. This personal touch enhances her character, making her not just a doll, but a work of art. Demi Daffodil's ensemble is completed with a charming lime green bonnet, adding a playful touch to her attire. The matching shoes tie the look together, creating a delightful and coordinated outfit.

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